Agriculture and Agro-industry
Globaltec has experience in the agriculture sector; its activities include:

• Selecting and preparing land for the required crop
• Automated irrigation systems for adapting water use
• Supply of items of equipment appropriate for the land and the crop (equipment for irrigation, cultivation, harvesting, storage, etc.)

In the agro-industrial and food area, Globaltec executes its projects with the latest technological advances according to each business’s specific needs:

• Greenhouses (from the simplest to the most technologically advanced)
• Stores (silos and refrigerated warehouses)
• Quality laboratories for species standardisation and improvement
• Product transport (under normal, controlled atmosphere, chilled and frozen conditions)
• Farms and slaughterhouses
• Transformation facilities (for cleaning, classification and transformation in: flours, pastes, concentrates, drinks, dairy products, meat products, etc.) and fodder plants
Industrial Plants and Capital Goods
Globaltec has the capability to develop industrial plants of all kinds, adapting the technology to each case, in sectors such as ceramics, cement, other construction materials, oil and petrochemicals, paper, steel making, mining, etc.

• Design
• Engineering
• Supply
• Assembly and civil works
• Operation and maintenance

Globaltec acts as a supplier of items of equipment:

• Specification, selection of suppliers
• Purchase and delivery individually or in packages for remodelling and repair or expansion of existing plants
Architecture, Real Estate Development, Building and Infrastructures
Globaltec has the experience and ability to execute architecture projects in terms not only of design, but also works management, especially in one-off buildings:

• State Government Centres
• Hotels and resorts
• Hospitals and health centres
• Sports facilities

Globaltec works in planning consultancy, ranging from comprehensive legal advice, writing, preparing and modifying the various planning figures, to intervening in the process of execution and training and advising companies or administrative bodies:

• Town planning development studies
• Urban development projects

Construction of all kinds of infrastructures:

• Roads
• Ports
• Airports
• Central markets
Biofuels and Renewable Energies
Globaltec performs comprehensive management of renewable energy projects, seeking a sustainable energy model:

• Wind farms
• Photovoltaic solar facilities
• Solar thermal plants
• Hydroelectric power plants
• Geothermal plants
• Biomass plants

In traditional power, processes for improving energy efficiency in thermal power plants with gas turbines.

Liquid biofuels:

• Bioethanol plants (from cereals, sugar cane, manioc and other energy crops)
• Biodiesel plants (from vegetable oils and methanol)

Solid biofuels:

• Biomass plants (cellulose, palm waste, etc.)

Gaseous biofuels:

• Organic waste methanation plants (urban waste and slurries)
Water, the Environment and Waste Treatment
Globaltec is qualified to work in comprehensive water management, always heeding the need to protect this resource by marrying ecological, socio-economic and cultural aspects:

• Water resource study
• Treatment and purification plants, both for industrial use and human consumption (by filtering, evaporating, etc.)
• Supply systems

Resolution of environmental problems related to economic and social development:

• Master plans: All Globaltec projects are designed to meet the environmental requirements stipulated in each country
• Environmental impact studies

Globaltec brings solutions on stream that facilitate comprehensive treatment of municipal, industrial and special wastes:

• Plants for collecting, classifying and reusing solid wastes (as a base for generating energy, as a raw material for construction or as an organic raw material)
• Plants for recovering liquid wastes for subsequent discharge or reuse


Globaltec tiene experiencia en el sector de la agricultura; sus actividades incluyen: • Selección y preparación de terrenos según el cultivo requerido.Globaltec está presente en las siguientes áreas geográficas: Latinoamérica. África Subsahariana. Europa del Este. Sudeste Asiático.

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