What we do

Globaltec Desarrollos e Ingeniería is ready to tackle any type of project from start to finish:

  • Selecting and contracting the “know-how” and the most suitable engineering firm(s) for the project.
  • Budgeting, planning and monitoring execution (times and investments) of any type of project, from the start to final delivery of the plant, facility or unit contracted.
  • Management of financing for the client, obtaining the best solutions through public or private institutions, preparing all the documentation and following-up to commissioning and to ensure prompt use.
  • · Acquisition of all the goods and services needed depending on the main contract, by purchase or subcontracting, meeting the requirements defined for quality, timing and costs.
  • Organisation and management of logistics, both at source and at the destination, of transport and storage to meet all the obligations in terms of delivery times, safety and physical and legal conditions for deliveries.
  • Contracting, management and/or supervision of local works, whether civil or industrial in nature, as well as assembly work, commissioning and training of the staff needed to operate the unit built and maintenance of all equipment, always thinking of the transfer of "know-how".
  • Ensuring fulfilment of technical guarantees of quality, delivery times and performance by engineering, suppliers of goods and subcontractors to comply punctually with the overall guarantees.
  • Gathering, preparing and presenting all the technical and administrative documentation needed according to the contract, for the client, the financial institutions and the authorities, both at source and destination.

Some of our most significant projects

  • 2008 Dominican Republic

    Comprehensive design and execution project for a wholesale market.
  • 2012 Angola

    Food and Veterinary Control Laboratory Centre.
  • 2013 Angola

    Quizenga Agricultural Development Project.
  • 2014 Russia

    Rabbit Slaughterhouse.
  • 2016 Philippines

    Bioethanol Plant.
  • 2017 Armenia

    Multi Span Greenhouse 5 Ha
  • 2018 Angola

    Rehabilitation and infrastructure Works in Urban Roads


Globaltec tiene experiencia en el sector de la agricultura; sus actividades incluyen: • Selección y preparación de terrenos según el cultivo requerido.Globaltec está presente en las siguientes áreas geográficas: Latinoamérica. África Subsahariana. Europa del Este. Sudeste Asiático.

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